Resident Evil 4 HD Mod Is Quite Amazing, and You Can Play It Soon

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Apparently, two Resident Evil 4 HD fans have been working on a remaster mod for the original remaster of the game. They’ve been working on it for over eight years. They are finally ready to launch it. And if developers trust them, and allow them to release their work without actually having legal problems, it might be an even bigger surprise for us.

Many fans created mods for different entries of the series, and they will all fascinate you. And we’re curious to see what Capcom has to say about that.

As of now, Resident Evil fans are waiting for the launch of a big project from two fans. It will be launched soon, after eight years of development.

The Resident Evil 4 HD fan project finds its inspiration in the 2005 version of Resident Evil 4 – which was already a remaster of the initial game. But after eight years, they managed to bring a high-quality version by remaking the 3D models, taking a look at the original textures – but they did not ruin the quality at all. They have also improved the lighting of the game.

This mod allows you to get access to the remastered version of the main game, but you will also get to play the Ada Assignment, Mercenaries, and Separate Ways modes – and at the same quality.

Resident Evil 4 HD mod will be available for PC on the 2nd of February. It will work with .0.6 and 1.1.0 versions of Resident Evil 4 on Steam.

Resident Evil 4 is a survival horror third-person shooter game that was developed by Capcom Production Studio 4. It was published by Capcom. It was initially released back in 2005.

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