B The Beginning: When Will The Next Season Be Released?

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We know that many anime fans are eagerly anticipating the debut of the highly popular manga series “B The Beginning.” All eyes are on the new season of the show right now. But when will the new chapter be released? In this mystery adventure story, what will occur next? Keep an eye on us to find out more.

This series is a hit with hardcore anime fans.  On Netflix’s massive streaming service, B The Beginning is a hugely successful series. So far, the program has had two huge seasons. Last season, the program didn’t have nearly as many episodes as this one. As a result, anime fans are clamoring for additional seasons and episodes.

The story is centered on an epic adventure mystery and criminal story. Many fans argue that this  is one of the greatest anime series currently available. On the IMDb site, the series has a very high rating of 7.2. We got 18 episodes for the series thus far. The narrative of the show got increasingly engaging for the audience as the episodes progressed.

We got the 2nd season of the series a couple of months ago, but it only included six episodes. The 2nd season of B The Beginning was full of unexpected turns. The show’s complexity wowed the crowd, and we’re yearning for more. Is this the start of a new chapter, a new story for the series? Or is it the end of the show?

Release date

The very first season of B The Beginning was published three years ago, on March 2, 2018, only on the Netflix service. Whereas the series’ season 2 premiered on the same streaming site on March 18th, 2021. If you look closely, you’ll see an almost three-year difference between the two seasons. As a result, the show’s second season is set to premiere in three years, maybe in 2023.


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