Genshin Impact 2.5 Update: Everything You Should Know

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Lovers of Genshin Impact will be ecstatic to learn that a brand-new character is on the way in the next update. Gorou and Itto arrived in the game with the release of the 2.3 Update. We’re only a few weeks distant from the release of the 2.4 Update, that will include Yunjin and Shenhe, as well as a slew of additional features. In the middle of this, some intriguing insights concerning the 2.5 Update have emerged.

The most recent leak provides a wealth of information regarding the characters who will appear in the forthcoming release. In a closed channel, TZ, one of the most dependable leakers in the Genshin Impact group, released the leak.

Characters reveal

When it comes to the leak, it first mentions the area that will be included in the update. It claims that Enkanomiya will be added, which corresponds to some of the prior disclosures.

The character unveil comes next, which is the most thrilling part. According to the present timeline, Yae and Ayato will be released in the 2.5 Update. Shinobu will be the 4-star character alongside Yae, according to reports.

This should pique the interest of many fans, as Shinobu is a character we have not yet heard or observed much in the game. Shinobu is Itto’s sidekick, according to Sayu, who mentions it in the game. Sayu implies that she has to be a sleep disturbance, implying that she is a compelling individual, given that she is a member of the Arataki gang. It’ll be fascinating to find out more about this brand-new persona.

After she is introduced, the next playable character is believed to be an Electro-based unit. The Wangsheng Funeral Parlor Discord has provided some explanation on a few of the rumors concerning Yae Miko, and the relevant information about her type of play has indeed been made public:

  • Her main attack will be The Charged Attack.
  • Because Yae Miko doesn’t have an Energy Recharge issue, matching her with Raiden Shogun isn’t necessary.


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