Dead by Daylight Chapter 22 PTB: We’re Getting a New Killer

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Dead by Daylight features Chapter 21, which comes with one of the best horror crossovers with Hellraiser. But what has Chapter 22 prepared for us?

We do not know exactly, but we do know when it’s going to be released. It will only be released for PTB servers on Steam, so if you’re a console player, you will have a wait a bit longer before getting the full release.

So when is the PTB release date?

Dead By Daylight Chapter 22 will be released on the 9th of November, 2021. We don’t have an official release time, but we expect it to make its appearance at 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET / 4 PM GMT – the usual release time for the Dead By Daylight updates.

What we know so far about Chapter 22

Behaviour Interactive has not made an official statement about the new chapter, but a new teaser trailer shows its name: ‘A Portrait Of A Murder.’ It seems that we’re getting a new killer.

We’re also getting four common outfits – with only body pieces and three uncommon outfits – with body and head pieces, two rare ones, and one very rare.

We also have a new survivor, who comes with four common outfits – with torso and leg pieces, three uncommon outfits, two rare ones, and one very rare.

Leaks also showed many new cosmetic outfits which will make their appearance throughout Chapter 22 – we’re getting a Ghostface outfit, and we can celebrate the new Scream movie together. Alongside, we also get some other new outfits – Yun-Jin, Feng, Felix, Spirit, Blight, and Mikaela.


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