What Will Happen This Winter With the Virus? Dr. Fauci Has an Answer

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We have all seen a decline in cases and hospitalization in the U.S. But that’s not going to last forever. Every day, more than 1.000 people die from COVID-19, and there are still 72.000 cases every day. Dr. Anthony Fauci said that things are going in the right direction, as we see the diminution of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths. His concern is that the winter holidays, together with the cold weather, will definitely change things. It will also change how the virus will be transmitted – more easily.

But Dr. Fauci has a plan: “We’re looking for a level of control … where the level of infection — due to vaccination predominantly, but also people who may have been infected and have some degree of protection — that doesn’t disrupt society the way the COVID-19 outbreak is currently doing with us.” The vaccination rate also plays an important role in preventing the disease.

Should children get vaccinated?

He stated that adolescents should also get vaccinated. Twenty-eight million children with aged between 5 and 11 became eligible for the vaccine this week. He urges parents to get their kids vaccinated, as recent data are concerning: “Although it is less likely for a child to get a serious result from infection than in adults, particularly an elderly adult, it is not something that’s trivial with children.”

Dr. Fauci also talked about the COVID-19 pills that we’ve all heard about. The drug made by Merck has already been authorized in the U.K. And Pfizer announced that its drug reduced the risk of hospitalization or death by 89% in their clinical trial. The results are very promising. But he wanted to remind us that this does not mean that the vaccine is out of the question. “The best way traditionally — not only with COVID-19, but with any infection — it is always, always better to prevent it than to have to worry about treating it.”

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