Minecraft X Angry Birds DLC is Coming – Behold the Trailer

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Are you ready for a wild spinoff? If so, here’s what we’re proposing you: the Angry Birds meeting Minecraft! Who would have ever thought that such a thing is possible? But Nintendo proves to us that it’s entirely feasible.

If you somehow get enough of the Angry Birds going Minecraft, you shouldn’t worry for a second! Just grab a friend, more of them, or even your enemies if you wish, and start competing with one another! The spinoff offers some multiplayer options as well!

Here’s the trailer to fully prove that we’re not bluffing at all:

Your job as a player will be to do your best to find the stolen eggs, rescue and unlock the flock, defeat the king, and more.

Nintendo’s description sounds as relevant as possible:

“The Bad Piggies are up to their old tricks in a new game! Fling yourself into the Angry Birds adventure map to rescue the birds’ eggs and rescue RED’s friends! Unlock new playable characters and new missions as you go and complete your enraged flight experience with Red’s Hoodie available for free in the Dressing Room!”

The classic support made by those pesky pigs to steal the Angry Birds’ eggs is now made of Minecraft-style bricks! But even so, you’ll get to benefit from some real classic scenarios.
The spinoff in question is already available, and you can learn more about it by simply heading over to Minecraft.net.

When we say ‘Minecraft,’ we’re practically saying ‘the world of gaming.’ We’re talking about one of the top three most popular video games of all time, along with Tetris and GTA 5. As for Angry Birds, that game also has a solid fanbase, as it counts over 200 million players that are active every month.

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