Find My Device Tracking Will Be Activated for Offline Android Devices

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The Find My Device app for Android phones is a very helpful feature that aims to keep your phone safe. If you ever misplace or lose your Android-based device, this app comes to the rescue! If you install it, you can use it to easily locate and track your phone on a map. Even if your device is on silent mode, you can make it ring at full volume in order to help you find it.

Perhaps the best part regarding the app is this: If you think your phone might be in the wrong hands, you’ll be granted the power to remotely lock it or even erase all of your personal data to keep it secure. All you need to do in order to benefit from the app is to make sure you enable location services and log in to your Google account.

Google’s I/O 2023 reveals important changes for the Find My Device app

NextPit has spotted on the Google Blog what the Mountain View-based tech giant aims to do. The Google I/O event that took place this year brought exciting updates regarding the Find My Device app. In a few months, Google will introduce the ability to track offline devices and tags, even if they don’t have location capabilities. This means users can still find lost items such as phones or wearables even if they’re out of battery.

Google also aims to expand support for Bluetooth tracker brands such as  Pebblebee, Tile, and Chipolo. Additionally, the tech colossus plans to activate unwanted tracking, collaborating with Find My network of Apple. Users will receive alerts about unauthorized Bluetooth tags and provide instructions to disable them.

Google claims to prioritize privacy and security, as it assures end-to-end encryption and the protection of sensitive information. The update will most probably roll out between June and August.

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