ExpressVPN: 10.91.0 APK Brings Changes

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Using a VPN only once in a blue moon on your laptop or phone would certainly be a terrible idea nowadays. The online world is thriving with cyber threats, and you never know when you can stumble upon one of them.

No, using a powerful VPN is certainly not complicated as some would be deceived to believe. Surely, all those fancy buttons and options might be intimidating at first, but using a VPN is certainly no rocket science. Anybody can use such software, and ExpressVPN is one good example of a VPN that’s both efficient and friendly to the user.

ExpressVPN: 10.91.0 APK is out – What’s new?

ExpressVPN has its 10.91.0 update now available in the form of an APK, and grabbing it as soon as possible might be your top priority right now. That’s because the devs have inflicted “a few nips and tucks” to keep the app “in top form for you.” We don’t know exactly what that means, but we all know that usually, grabbing the latest update for an app is a good idea.

The new ExpressVPN: 10.91.0 APK  is available in both a bundle and a single file version. Regardless of which one you want, your phone needs to run at least the Android 5 operating system in order to be compatible. That’s right; it’s that ancient OS that was launched almost a decade ago. Surely anybody can qualify for such a demand. If you’re an exception, it’s never late to change your smartphone! Let’s be honest: who doesn’t change his smartphone regularly nowadays? If everybody does something, it should be good. Or shouldn’t it?

Both the bundle and the simple APK file are based on a universal architecture. The bundle consists of 17 splits.

In other words, feel free to tell us what you think about the new ExpressVPN update and about the app itself! The comment section awaits you!

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