If Your Phone’s Data is Draining Too Fast, Get Rid or Limit These Apps

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If you’re using a smartphone like other roughly 6.64 billion people out there in the world, the chances are great that you had been announced that your monthly data allowance is low. If this happens more often than you expected, it means that there’s a problem that needs attention and solving fast.

But we’re here once again to help you out. We’re here to tell you which apps use the most of your data, thanks to a new study commissioned by BuyMobiles and that TrustedReviews.com informs us about.

Social media

Nobody should be surprised to learn that social media apps such as TikTok or Instagram are among those that can drain your phone data fast. Such apps are so often being used by people nowadays!

Here’s an interesting statistic: the new research says that the average TikTok user will be using the app for almost an hour per day, causing the drain of 742MB of mobile data.

Video calls

Video calling somebody when you’re away from a Wi-Fi connection isn’t exactly a smart move, as it will drain a lot of your phone’s data. Zoom uses 810MB on its calls, Skype uses 700MB, while Google Hangouts will consume 600MB.

Streaming services

Using streaming services is another sure way of draining that phone data if you’re not using Wi-Fi connections.

Each hour, streaming services such as YouTube, Amazon Prime, and Netflix will consume up to about 3GB of data. Just listening to music without watching any footage will benefit you clearly. For instance, listening to Spotify for an hour will make your phone lose just 40MB of data.

Feel free to tell us if you have your own ways of avoiding your data getting drained too fast! The comment section is available for anyone to comment!

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