Goku’s Evil Doppelganger is Back in A New Sketch By Toyotarou

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One surprising fact about Goku in Dragon Ball is that the beloved Saiyan was originally evil when he first arrived on Earth as a baby. He was sent to our planet to destroy it, but instead, a bump on the head made Goku the altruistic character and protector of justice we all know today.

If the name ‘Turles’ sounds familiar to you, it might mean that you’re a true Dragon Ball fan. It’s the name of an evil Saiyan who was once fighting under Frieza’s command, just as many Saiyans did in the distant past. Turles was introduced in the Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might movie, and the most surprising aspect of him is that he looks almost identical to Goku. The two fighters aren’t relatives, however. They look pretty much the same because low-class Saiyan warriors aren’t too different from one another.

However, there is a strong difference between Goku and Turles, apart from how the two like to dress up. Their skin tones are completely different. While Goku has white skin, the skin of Turles is significantly darker.

A new sketch coming from Toyotarou, the famous manga artist who has been responsible for illustrating Dragon Ball Super, shows Turles once again in a new way:

Turles doesn’t share Goku’s taste for forgiveness. The evil Saiyan won’t hesitate to take down anyone who dares to stand in his way. Although Turles’ power level is significantly lower than the one that Goku has in his Super Saiyan Blue or Ultra Instinct form, for instance, the former was still the main antagonist in the Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might movie that came out in 1990.

However, we must not forget that Turles has also been brought back in the Super Dragon Ball Heroes anime, just as many other ‘forgotten’ Dragon Ball characters. We can surely expect to see him again one day in Dragon Ball Super.

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