‘GHOSTWARE: Arena of the Dead’, a Retro FPS, is NOW Available – Watch Trailer

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A lot of people falsely believe that the retro FPS gaming scene of nowadays has clearly laid an egg. That’s not true, as there are numerous nostalgic folks out there who want to see again instances of old games brought back to life in one form or another. Therefore, game developers need to comply.

As a side note, modern games are becoming more and more predictable and easy to manage. There’s too much emphasis on making games easy to pass just to make players feel good, and we all have to admit that this formula wasn’t applied back in the day for old games.

‘GHOSTWARE: Arena of the Dead’ is available NOW via Steam

‘GHOSTWARE: Arena of the Dead’ is another new game that reminds us all of those times back in the day when we were able to count the pixels of a video game while playing it. It surely reminds many folks of the first games of the classic DOOM series. In this new game, the player gets in the shoes of a ghost who has been trapped, along with other ghosts, inside an Arena FPS created by a terrible wizard.

“GHOSTWARE: Arena of the Dead” can already be bought via Steam for 12.75 euros, and here’s the trailer to learn more:

What if some day, someone developed a game that brings features from both the retro scene and the modern games era? It would be something like the best of both worlds. Surely there are such games already, but it seems that nobody has yet found the perfect mix and balance.

In the end, it’s impossible to decide if old games remain the bee’s knees of the gaming industry or not. People’s tastes are different, and each individual has his own arguments behind what he likes and dislikes about gaming in general.

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