Twitter Will Ditch the Periscope Video Archive

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The Periscope video archive on Twitter is a feature that allows users to save and share their Periscope live streams on the famous social network. Periscope is a live video streaming app that was acquired by Twitter in 2015. It allows users to broadcast live videos from their mobile devices to their followers on the app or Twitter. With the Periscope video archive feature, users can save their live streams and share them on Twitter for their followers to watch later.

But we all know that old phrase that says very well that nothing lasts forever. It’s also the case here, whether we like it or not.

Download your Twitter videos ASAP

Twitter is removing its Periscope video archive, prompting users to download their videos before they are gone permanently, as XDA has spotted on the social network’s help center. The service was discontinued in 2021, but Twitter has kept video archives of the live streams that belong to its users. While it is unclear when the files will be removed, Twitter is encouraging users to download their videos to avoid losing them. Users have the right to request the data and discover what kinds of videos are being stored on the servers.

Once Twitter processes the request, users have seven days to download the files using the links. If they miss the window, they can request the files again and get new links with another seven-day window. Users can also download the videos by requesting their complete Twitter archive through the settings menu. It is advisable to download the videos as soon as possible, as Twitter may not make another announcement regarding this situation.

To access the Periscope video archive, users can go to their Twitter profile and click on the “Media” tab. From there, they can view all of their Periscope live streams that have been saved to their Twitter account. Users can also edit the titles and descriptions of their saved Periscope videos and share them on Twitter.

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