PlayStation Finally Talks About the From Software Acquisition Rumors

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Rumors have been going around for a while that PlayStation wants to buy From Software, and now PlayStation has made a statement about it.

When Shawne Benson, the Director of Global Third Party Portfolio at PlayStation, wrote a tweet about the possible acquisition of From Software, it sparked new rumors about what was going to happen with the company. With a figurine of the boss from Elden Ring, she said that it’s her new best friend at work. The fact that a third-party game was getting so much attention from PlayStation made a lot of people think that she was hinting at a possible deal with From Software. But that doesn’t actually happen.

What does PlayStation have to say about this?

It was nothing more than Shawne’s love for the game that caused the tweet. The only reason she put the picture up was because it was her first day back at work, and she saw that figurine on her coworker’s desk. She says that she is only in charge of buying third-party content, not studios. The part about buying a studio is in the hands of a totally different group of people.

Fans of PlayStation would have been a little let down by this because many thought that the post revealed that From Software was going to be bought by the company. Things to keep in mind, though: Sony could still buy From Software, even though Shawne said that the speculation isn’t true, because that is the job of a different team. Moreover, a big announcement like this will never be leaked this way, especially by a person who works for PlayStation itself. Even if PlayStation is going to buy From Software, the post doesn’t make that much of a difference because it’s likely to be a pretty separate company.

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