New Trailer Launches for Street Fighter 5 – The New 2022 Update Arrives

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The legendary Street Fighter series is back in business in 2022 with a brand new update for its 2016 iteration. If you miss memorable combats, crazy techniques, and unique characters like Ryu or Ken, it’s time to grab that console or PC and start proving to the rest what you’re made of!

There’s a new trailer now available to showcase the new update for Street Fighter 5, and you’re free to watch it below:

If you’re already happy about what you’re seeing, and you definitely should if you’re a true Street Fighter fan, you must keep in mind that the new update will land very soon!

The 2022 update arrives on March 29

In case you want to learn more, here’s how the description sounds, as quoted by IGN’s YouTube account:

Check out the latest Street Fighter 5 trailer, showing off what’s on the way in its March 2022 update. This is Street Fighter V’s definitive update, including new battle balancing, tracksuit colours, and song remixes such as Dan’s, Oro’s, and Rose’s Themes. It also arrives with new filter settings: a cel shading filter and pixel filter, which are both offline only.

Street Fighter 5’s March 2022 update will be available from March 29, 2022.

If you haven’t played Street Fighter 5 until now, you can consider doing so if you own a PlayStation 4 console or a PC that’s powerful enough. We can expect that the game will be made available for other platforms as well in the future, considering that a pretty impressive update just arrived. The developers should keep giving Street Fighter 5 plenty of attention, even though it’s a six-year-old game.

Feel free to tell us what else you would like to see in Street Fighter 5!

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