Fortnite v23.30 Update Adds Dragon Ball’s Gohan and Piccolo

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Gohan and Piccolo aren’t always under the spotlight in Dragon Ball, but when they are, you must prepare for a massive showdown! It happened likewise in the recent Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie that was released last year. The film concentrates mainly on Gohan and Piccolo as they confront a new major threat.

That’s right, Goku and Vegeta were totally left aside by the new Dragon Ball movie. And guess what? It was a winning recipe! Fortnite developers might have seen the success of the movie and decided to enhance their partnership with Dragon Ball. After the famous battle royale game introduced Goku, Vegeta, Bulma, and Beerus a few months ago to deal with danger in the good old Fortnite style, it’s now time to see how can Gohan and Piccolo make their way through the universe of the famous game.

Gohan and Piccolo are available NOW in Fortnite

Update v23.30 brought both Gohan and Piccolo to Fortnite yesterday, which means that all of the Dragon Ball fans out there have a new reason to celebrate.

We have to remark that both Gohan and Piccolo have the same appearances as they did in the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie, which is another hint that Epic Games might have gotten some inspiration from the film.

Epic Games wrote in a press release:

In the v23.30 update, Son Gohan and Piccolo from the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie make their Fortnite debut, the Kamehameha attack item, and the Nimbus Cloud (Kintoun) mobility item are out of the vault, and Dragon Ball Adventure Island is back,

Throughout each match in Battle Royale/Zero Build, the Kamehameha and Nimbus Cloud (Kintoun) items will fall from the sky in capsules.

Do you prefer Fortnite or Dragon Ball? But why not have both at the same time?

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