Apple Is Planning To Use Self-Healing Displays For The Foldable iPhone

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In addition to Apple, a number of other manufacturers are beginning to make significant investments in foldable devices. According to recent reports, it appears that the first foldable device from the company will not be available anytime soon. In addition, there is a possibility that Apple is holding off on the introduction of one because the company is waiting for a display that can repair itself in the event of damage.

A self-healing display is something that Apple may have been working on for a number of years, according to a newly discovered patent filing that was discovered by Patently Apple. The technology described in the patent offers an intriguing perspective on how foldables could be improved, despite the fact that the patent does not directly imply that it will be used by in the forthcoming iPhone Fold.

According to the description and the graphic representation, it appears that Apple may use a cover layer that has a second layer added on top of it. This latter layer is known as the self-healing layer, and it is the one that can repair dings and scratches when exposed to light or heat from the surrounding environment. The healing process might also be triggered by other factors, such as an electric current running through the foldable device while it is being charged.

In addition to this, a bendable region is mentioned, which is situated in close proximity to the mechanical hinge. In this part of the structure, a third layer is added, and it is made out of dielectric materials that are see-through. The application of these materials could then assist stimulate the necessary heat or electricity that the self-healing layer requires.

It’s possible that Apple will apply the same strategy to devices that don’t fold. Self-healing capabilities, on the other hand, would be a better fit for folding form factors due to the fragile structures that accompany today’s foldable devices. It is too soon to tell whether or not we will eventually see this ground-breaking technology on Apple’s first folding device, which is rumored to be launched in the year 2025.

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