OxygenOS 12 Update Rolls Out On The OnePlus Nord CE 2 5G

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Credit: OnePlus

Following a period of beta testing, OnePlus is now ready to release the stable OxygenOS 12 upgrade for the Nord CE 2 5G. There will be one more big software upgrade for this phone following the first release in February, which was accompanied by OxygenOS 11.3 and Android 11.

This update (version C.05) contains the latest OnePlus features and the July security patch in addition to all the new features included with Android 12. The complete list of modifications made to the new release may be seen below:

  • Improved the appearance of the textures of the icons used on the desktop by taking design cues from modern materials and bringing together lighting and layering.
  • Updated AI System Booster to version 2.1 for better performance under heavy use.
  • A refined algorithm and enhanced face recognition now enable more accurate identification of individuals’ facial characteristics and skin tones.
  • There are now three distinct settings, allowing for a more tailored and relaxing experience.
  • Enhanced visual appeal and readability of data thanks to new Card design possibilities
  • You can now search throughout your whole phone, including all of your apps, settings, media files, and more, with the addition of OnePlus Scout to Shelf.
  • OnePlus Watch Card, a new addition to the Shelf, allows you to quickly assess your health.
  • There’s a brand-new Work-Life-Balance function that lets you toggle between work and personal settings with little effort.
  • Automatically switching between work and personal use depending on your current location, available Wi-Fi, and the time of day is a new feature that can be set up in the settings. This feature, along with the personalized app notification profiles it enables, can also be used to switch between work and personal use
  • Improved gallery presentation thanks to new two-finger pinch gesture support for choosing between layouts, intelligent selection of highest-quality images, and thumbnail cropping according to content.
  • For a more unique and uplifting lock screen experience, we’ve included a variety of line and color designs.
  • Enhanced color customization and a plethora of new brush types and stroke types
  • The update can only be installed on a Nord CE 2 5G with at least 5GB of available storage space and a battery charge of 30 percent or higher. The update is being sent out gradually, so you may not notice it immediately away. Presently, it is accessible to a restricted group of people only, but this will change in the next days.
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