Google Pixel Fold: Design and Specs REVEALED

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Even though we’re about half a year away from Google releasing its new Pixel Fold smartphone to the world, we already know pretty much anything there is to find out about the specs, design, and launch date of the device. The fresh information about the future phone has been leaked by trusted source @OnLeaks via Twitter, as well as MacRumors .

The upcoming arrival of the Google Pixel Fold device on the market can only be seen as a logical progression considering that other top companies have already released foldable smartphones. We’re thinking about Samsung, Huawei, or Motorola. A tech behemoth like Google couldn’t possibly fall short, while other top brands will also follow suit in the near future. Yes, Apple, we are all looking at you!

Possible release date: May 2023

Some sources indicate that Google will release its upcoming Pixel Fold device next year in May. The same source reveals other important information about the future phone. Google’s new Tensor G2 chipset will be powering it, which is great news. Having both the operating system and the chipset built by the same company has usually proven to be a winning ticket. And yes, we’re thinking about Apple once again and its iPhones, of course!

There will also be a minimum of 12GB of RAM available on the Google Pixel Fold, which is indeed justified for a foldable device. There are also two interesting displays mounted there, as you can also expect from a foldable device. While the main one will reach 7.69-inches, the cover screen will measure 5.79-inches. The classical center hole-punch camera cutout will also be there to annoy the users.

Now let’s take a look at what @OnLeaks has to say, and how the future phone will look like:

We must say right from the start that judging by the leaked photo, the camera bump features a much more modern design compared to what we’ve seen so far on Pixel smartphones. There are three camera lenses on the rear and one on the front, which is a fairly decent design for a phone nowadays. The blitz LED is positioned well, and Google’s diffuse logo is added discreetly at the center of the rear.

Another interesting aspect of the phone’s design is that there are Samsung-built OLED panels on the phone, and they are said to feature an ultra-thin glass (UTG) cover.

A rounded-edge chassis engulfs the display

We’re not done yet with the design of the Google Pixel Fold, as there are still interesting aspects that deserve to be mentioned. The chassis with rounded edges has the following measurements when it is unfolded: 158.7 x 139.7 x 5.7mm.

Making a comparison between the leaked specs of the Pixel Fold and what we all know for sure regarding the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, we can rapidly realize that the main display of the former will be even larger. The difference is tiny, but still, we can all admit that it is noticeable.

It’s very likely that once you buy the new Google Pixel Fold, you won’t have to wait to get the latest Android update running on the device. That’s because Pixel Fold will most probably come with Android 13 preinstalled. There seems to be no logical reason for Google to release a powerful phone without adding the latest Android version to it.

You can also definitely not expect the upcoming Google Pixel Fold to be cheap. Sources indicate that you’ll need to pay around $1,800 if you want to have such a phone in your pocket. That’s almost twice as much compared to the current price of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4.

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