Who Is Constance Nunes And Where Is She Now?

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Model, mechanic, and TV personality Constance Nunes is a household name in the United States. Her breakout role as a star on the Cars reality program “Car Masters: Rust to Riches” propelled her to stardom. Constance Nunes’s fortune is projected to reach $2 million by the year 2021.

Personal Life

Constance was conceived in Portugal on November 17th, 1989 and given birth to that same day. She had a typical California upbringing, spending her formative years in the Los Angeles area. Watching her father, a mechanic, at work sparked a lifelong fascination with automobiles in her. Because of her father, Nunes had an interest in auto racing. He used to go to auto races, and she would often accompany him.

At 16, Constance bought her first automobile, a 1964 Mustang. To this day, she is the only owner of the automobile. Babystang is what she calls her new car. Nunes has diligently labored to preserve its pristine condition. She changed the car’s color from white to black. The car’s six-cylinder engine is her favorite component, so she takes special care of it.

Not only that, but she also has a special spot for Audis. Perhaps since the Audi A5 does not need frequent conditioning, it is the sole car she keeps in her garage.


In 2008, Constance moved to Los Angeles to begin her modeling career. She modeled in print ads for Adore Apparel, Jockey, and Jeep Wrangler while signed with NTA Models. She was featured in the Netflix show Car Masters: Rust to Riches because of her passion for vehicles. Old automobiles that would not sell for anything are shown on the show, but after being refurbished by the experts at Gotham Garage, they bring $100,000 or more.

She also uploads footage of herself driving on YouTube and Instagram. She plans to start her own auto repair shop. She plans to restore classic automobiles and sell them for a profit.

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