Jesseca Dupart: How Much Is She Really Worth?

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American businesswoman Jesseca Dupart rose to success on her own. As the company’s namesake and chief executive officer, she created the Kaleidoscope line of hair care products. Her other passions include charity, public speaking, and mentoring real estate professionals. Numerous women have cited Jesseca as a source of motivation. It’s projected that by 2021, Jesseca Dupart will have a net worth of more than $5 million.


Without a degree under her belt, Jesseca had to put in additional effort and maintain a laser-like concentration in order to succeed in life. She started putting money away as soon as she got a job as a hairdresser since she’d always been fascinated by the beauty industry and wanted to start her own business someday. In August of 2013, she risked everything by opening Kaleidoscope Hair Studio.

Kaleidoscope Hair Studio was thriving up until its devastating fire in December of the same year. Jesseca was going through a rough patch. In spite of this, she persisted and in April 2014 introduced the world to Kaleidoscope Hair Care Products.

Jesseca has successfully used social media to expand her business network and raise brand awareness. She’s a multi-millionaire entrepreneur in the cosmetics industry who has also become a viral sensation on social media. DJ ENVY, Trina, Angela Tee, Monica, and others in the public eye have all given their stamp of approval to the product line lately. Over 200,000 people follow its Instagram account, and its customers are very dedicated.

Personal life

Jesseca Dupart entered the world on the 12th of February, 1982, in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. Due to her early pregnancy at age 15, she had a challenging adolescence. Again pregnant at age 17, she was disowned by her family and forced to move in with her lover. Regarding her ancestry, nothing is known. She was just 19 years old when she gave birth to her third kid.

Jesseca was unable to continue her schooling because of her many pregnancies and subsequent responsibilities as a caregiver for her children. She became self-reliant at an early age since she had to pay for and care for her children.


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