Re Zero: Here’s Why We Expect A Third Season

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It is unclear whether there will be a third season of Re Zero in 2022. The third season of this anime has yet to be announced. There have been two seasons of this fantastic isekai anime so far. Two OVAs, Memory Snow and The Frozen Bond, are also available. The two OVAs are canon and should be seen in that order. Is Season 3 of Re Zero in the works? When is the next season of Re: Zero going to be released? Today we will discuss these topics and more in relation to the next season.

Find out whether there will be a third season of the Re Zero anime or if the series has ended. We’ll also take a peek at when you might expect the next season to premiere.

Is Season 3 of Re Zero on the Cards?

We believe Season 3 of Re Zero is in the works. It is expected that manufacturing of the Re Zero s3 will begin in 2022, and the formal announcement will be made this year. A third season might be revealed with the release of the new Isekai Quartet film, during the MF Bunko Festival, the Crunchyroll Expo, or during a special New Year’s Eve livestream on the Kadokawa YouTube account. Confirmation may not come till Anime Japan 2023.

Within the next 6-12 months, we hope to get official word that the Re Zero anime will return for a third season. The third season of Re Zero will premiere in 2023, most likely in the middle to late year, although it may also premiere as late as the beginning of 2024.

Source material

Season 1 of the Re Zero anime adapted volumes 1–9 and the first three arcs. The second one adapted Chapter 4 from Volumes 10–15. There are now 29 volumes of Re Zero light novels available in Japan, with 14 of those novels being primed for adaptation in the third season. Therefore, both Season 3 and Season 4 of Re Zero may use the same source material. The fifth arc will be adapted in season 3, covering books 16–20.

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