Haikyuu Season 5: Our Persistent Hopes Are Finally Realized

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No one knows when the fifth season of Haikyuu will air. Until then, you may put your mind at ease. In the meanwhile, we’ve got Jump Festa Expo, which has been eagerly awaited by otakus for a long time. And, of course, the publication of Haikyuu Fifth season will provide us with some insight. Shueisha is a major sponsor of the annual Jump Festa event. Anime & manga fans across the world are anxiously awaiting this gathering.

Shouyou Hinata, a short-height student, revives his school’s volleyball club after being motivated by “Little Giant,” an accomplished volleyball player. His newly created squad was given the opportunity to compete in the event. However, despite their best efforts, they lost against an adversary renowned as the King of the Court, Tobio Kageyama.

Kageyama is Hinata’s enemy, and he vows to beat him. He enters the volleyball team at Karasuno High School after graduating from middle school. However, he soon learns that Kageyama, a former opponent, has become a comrade as well.

After the second game of the Spring Nationals involving Karasuno & Inarizaki High school groups, Fourth season ends with “The Promised Land” ep. Karasuno’s team has been forced to play its most difficult game yet in the series because of a variety of factors. There were several options available to Inarizaki, such as copying Hinata and Kageyama’s remarkable rapid attack, which left their opponents confused about the best defense.

Upwards of a year after the conclusion of Season 4, there has been no explanation given for the new season. For instance, the 4-year delay from the 3rd and 4th rounds of Haikyuu, and the COVID-19 epidemic delaying the 4th season of Haikyuu.

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