Best 11 Kodi Addons To Stream Your Favorite Content

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If you have never heard about Kodi, here’s the simplest definition possible: it’s the designation of a media player software app that the XBMC Foundation developed. The app is even free and open source, and it doesn’t matter too much what operating system or hardware platform you’re willing to use to enjoy the service.

Kodi users are often in need of Addons for the software to stream their favorite online content, such as movies and TV series. We’ve made a list of such addons that are available for Fire TV, Firestick, Android TV Box, and more.


Users should definitely give Tempest a try, although the installation process can be a bit tricky.

Categories: My Movies, My TV Shows, Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, Settings, New Movies, New Episodes, 1 Click, etc.


If you want another good-quality addon, you can give Nightwing a try as well. You can find it in the Magnetic Repository.

Categories: Movies, TV Shows, Docs, Fitness, Tools, 1-Click Zone, Kids


This addon is a good choice for those who use Kodi 19 Matrix. You can find it in the Narccacist repository.

Categories: Concerts, Anime, Non-Debrid Section, Movies, TV Shows, TV & Movie One Click Section, Documentaries, Kids, Sports, IPTV


You shouldn’t miss trying this one out as well, and you can find it in the Narcacist Repository. This addon gives users access to 4K content, live TV, and more.

Categories: Trakt, Resume Watching, Movie Crapers, TV Scrapers, One Click Search, RD Torrents, etc.


Ezra is relatively new, and it allows users to stream movies and TV series by taking advantage of premium sources. You can use it with Premiumize, All Debrid, and more.

Other categories are included, such as Favorites, Downloads, My Lists, My Services, Tools, Search, Discover, Popular People, etc.

Disney Plus

Disney Plus is only two years old, and despite this aspect, it has enormous popularity.

Categories: Movies, Shows, Explore, Popular, Trending Now, etc.


The installation process is a bit difficult when it comes to the Rumble addon, but trust us, it will surely be worth it! We’re talking about one of the most popular Kodi addons, which means that if many other folks managed to go through the installation process successfully, you could do it as well!

Rumble generates millions of videos due to its users. There are various categories to choose from, and you can grab the addon from the OnePlay Repository.

The Promise

You’ll have to search through the WareHouse Repository if you wish to get The Promise addon for Kodi. This tool provides high-quality streaming options. The Promise has real-debrid integrated, and you’ve probably already guessed it.

Categories: Movies, TV Shows,  New Movies, New Episodes, My Movies, My TV Shows, People, Tools, etc.

Diamond Shadow

Selecting Diamond Shadow can make you enjoy streaming even more than before! The Diamond Repository is the location for Diamond Shadow.

Categories: Movies, TV Shows, Concerts, Sports, Kids, Trakt, etc.


The streaming experience via the Homelander addon is also pretty good, and there are some integrations available as well, such as Trakt and Real-Debrid.

Categories: Movies, TV Shows, New Movies, New Episodes, My Movies, My TV Shows, Search, People, Tools.


Patriot is also a versatile addon for Kodi, and its location is the Narcacist Wizard Repository. The content here is also very diversified, and you can even use it to find stand-up comedy acts. Other types of content are documentaries, anime, movies, TV shows, etc.

Millions of Kodi users also use addons, and you can even feel free to tell us about some of your own favorite ones in a comment below!

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