Westworld Season 4, Episode 7: Major Dolores/Christina Fan Theories Revealed

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What Teddy’s revelation in Season 4 of Westworld implies for the Christina mystery. After Dolores, played by Evan Rachel Wood, had her memories erased by Rehoboam at the conclusion of Season 3 of Westworld, the farm girl turned violent revolutionary seemed to be permanently dead. Next, in season 4 of Westworld, we met Christina, who looks and acts much like Dolores but has no memory of her past.

Christina learned from James Marsden’s Teddy that the world is a deception, that she is a host rather than a person, and that Charlotte Hale is the evil tugging humanity’s strings. In addition to her telepathic command abilities, Christina is a skilled storyteller. We were saved from Teddy’s greatest surprise, which he had been saving for last. In the final moments of Westworld season 4’s “Metanoia,” Christina’s abilities are subdued by William’s mastery over tone. Upon realizing that people can’t even see her, Christina implores them for explanations.

Without Teddy’s explanation, “Metanoia” closes with many questions still unresolved. It’s inexplicable that Christina doesn’t exist. Where exactly does her mind reside? Teddy’s “not genuine” remark raises some questions. Let’s attempt to make sense of the newest philosophical conundrum presented in Westworld season 4.

Was she real?

Teddy’s revelation suggests that “Christina” may not have been in the flesh at any point in Westworld Season 4. Both Teddy and Evan Rachel Wood’s redheaded character were only seeming to be in public places like streets, workplaces, and cafes. The scene in Westworld when Christina and Teddy walk by Stubbs and Frankie in the Olympiad building without seeing them is a perfect example of this phenomenon. She is a digital phantom wandering throughout the actual world of Westworld, convinced of her own realness.

Even though Teddy claims that human beings are blind to Christina since she doesn’t exist, the fourth season of Westworld is full of scenes in which she interacts with other guests. There’s a gap that has to be resolved in the season 4 finale of Westworld between the conversations she has with her roommate Maya, her dinner partner before Teddy, Peter the stalker, and her employer at Olympiad.

To assist keep up the charade, Charlotte Hale may have also placed a few phony friends within Christina’s exclusive group of acquaintances. In the first episode of Westworld season 4, Maya criticized Christina of being a loner, suggesting that she seldom interacts with other people. Maybe the ones she does know act as guard dogs, which would explain Maya’s mysterious disappearance in recent episodes.

Or, Christina has been feeding the human race with stories in order to subtly influence their emotions, decisions, and behavior. Perhaps she utilized such abilities unconsciously every time she had a need to communicate with one, even if she was not really there.

The fourth hypothesis is that Christina’s conversational companions really do coexist with her. Although Evan Rachel Wood’s persona and Teddy seem to be having a face-to-face conversation, they are really only computer projections. Perhaps people like Maya and Peter, along with Dolores and Teddy, are stuck in the same virtual dimension.

Surely Dolores is somewhere inside the Sublime. Near the end of Westworld Season 2, while Dolores was duplicating her pearl, she uploaded the Sublime to a large server hidden within Hoover Dam. The fact that Hale and the Man in Black were so eager to obtain the station earlier in Westworld season 4 suggests that she may have uploaded a duplicate of herself at the same time. Of course, Hale needs Bernard’s key in order to enter the Sublime, but possibly connecting the digital paradise to the Tower (Bernard says they’re linked) allowed him to use Dolores’ mind without opening the Door.

Also, this would explain Teddy’s surprising reappearance in Westworld Season 4. After all, his mind was last said to be exploring the fields of the Sublime. Dolores would only see individuals who are registered under Hale’s rule if she is wired straight into the Tower’s control scheme.

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