Best 8 Movie Streaming Websites in 2022

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The online world is teeming with websites that people use for streaming their favorite movies and TV shows. Whether these citizens are into action, sci-fi, drama, comedy, western, thriller, romance, or some other kind of movies and TV showsthey can certainlyan find something that they like on such websites.

A lot of people enjoy a good movie or TV series as soon as they come back from work. But certainly the world doesn’t end with Game of Thrones or Interstellar, which is why there are thousands of exciting movies and TV series out there to choose from!

However, you may access pirated content by using some of the websites listed in this article, which is something we don’t recommend. Other links might infect your device with malware, which means double trouble. The list that you’ll see below was made for documentation purposes.

Let’s find out together some of the best movie streaming websites in random order:


This website allows users to watch movies online for free and at good HD quality. Finding website streaming content in HD isn’t exactly easy nowadays, but MovieStars provides plenty of such content.


Equipped with a nice and modern-looking interface, FilmRise provides access to plenty of movies, both new and old ones. We’ve even spotted some animated TV series, which is nice. On the other hand, the movie collection is not so bulky compared to other services, and we couldn’t find important titles such as any Batman movies or Top Gun.


Here’s one shocking fact that we’ll have to deal with: while everybody uses YouTube, there are still plenty of individuals who have no idea that the famous service also offers access to thousands of movies from various genres. Just go ahead and convince yourself by accessing YouTube right now!


This is a very popular website, as it has a lot of movies from different genres. It’s also known as GoMovies, GoStream, MeMovies or 123movieshub.


This one is relatively new, so there’s no use having too high expectations. Even so, you can see on the platforms what the trending movies and TV shows are, what’s popular, the newest content added, etc.


With StreaM4u, users can find movies that are popular, new, or top rated and enjoy them on pretty much any device they want, whether it’s a smartphone, a laptop/desktop PC, or Mac. Animated movies are also present here, as we’ve seen the latest Dragon Ball movie entitled ‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’ at a first glance in the list.

However, those willing to use StreaM4U need to create an account.


This one is only available in the US, but even so, you shouldn’t underestimate it. It contains an impressive variety of content as well, and the telecommunications conglomerate Comcast owns it. We’re talking about an over-the-top internet television service that was founded only about a decade ago, in 2011.


Kanopy is one of the most interesting streaming services from our list. The following description from the official page says everything:

We partner with public libraries and universities to bring you ad-free films and series that can be enjoyed on your TV, mobile phone, tablet and online.

Users enjoy Kanopy for streaming their favorite content on pretty much any platform they wish to: tablets, phones, laptops, TVs, etc. The website provides access to documentaries, movies, classic cinema, foreign films, educational videos, and independent films.

Feel free to tell us about other movie-streaming websites! Surely there are many more streaming services out there that are not mentioned in this article, which is why we rely on you to make us find out more!

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