Plunderer: All You Need To Know About Season 2

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Popular with fans of the action-fantasy subgenre, Plunderer debuted in anime form in the spring of 2020. The manga, by Suu Minazuki, has been serialized by Kadokawa since 2014, and the animation is based on that work.

Is Season 2 of the show officially greenlit? The anime’s production studio, Geek Toys, or any other organization affiliated with it has not renewed it for a second season as of this writing on September 6, 2022. The team isn’t interested in discouraging its supporters, however. In an anime, this would be considered a typical occurrence. Since there has been no confirmation of a second season of the anime, we have resorted to speculation. To determine whether Season 2 will be produced, we may look at a few key factors. Whether or whether there is enough content for a second season of the series and how well received the first one was are two of the most crucial factors.

What about the manga?

Cartoon Network adapted Suu Minazuki’s Plunderer manga for its animated series. Like the vast majority of well-known comics, the manga first appeared in December 2014 in Monthly Shnen Ace magazine. As of right now (April 26, 2022), there have been 21 volumes of the Plunderer manga. There are 1.6 million copies of the manga out there, as per last year’s estimates.

How many of them make it into the first season of the anime? The correct number is 38 out of a possible 82 chapters. Up to chapter 38 of volume 10 are shown in the first season of the anime. There are a total of 44 chapters left from the original content. Amounts of source material accessible now equal those used for the first season of the anime. That’s why it’s safe to claim there’s enough content in the manga for a whole new season. The time needed to convert the finished source material to the anime may, however, push back the anticipated renewal date.

While there is material for a second season, the manga concluded with volume 21, thus the series will not continue. Promotion for finished manga tends to fade with the passage of time. This is why we anticipate a renewal in the near future. Otherwise, the changing of the seasons will seem more gradual.

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