Akira Toriyama Reveals How Strong Cell Max is in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero By Comparing Him to Broly

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Even since Goku fought King Piccolo when the beloved Saiyan was just a child, the concept of power levels was introduced. Later on, in the first saga of Dragon Ball Z, the stakes were raised even a lot higher, and the fans became obsessed with power levels.

After the new Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie that came out last month, many fans wanted some insight from the maestro Akira Toriyama himself about how strong the new characters are, as well as the new transformations of Gohan and Piccolo. The Dragon Ball writer was kind enough to explain a few things about how Gohan achieved his new transformation, as the movie itself pretty much left things up in the air. As for now, we finally get a better idea of how strong Cell Max is, the main villain from the latest Dragon Ball movie.

Broly is still stronger than Cell Max

Cell Max is the reincarnation of the classic Dragon Ball Z villain known simply as Cell or Perfect Cell. Coming with improved powers, the new version of Cell has proven to be much stronger than the original one. Therefore, the fans became obsessed once again to assign a certain power level to Cell Max, but they needed more info.

Akira Toriyama once again sheds some light by suggesting that Cell Max is weaker than Broly, the main antagonist from the previous ‘Dragon Ball Super: Broly’ movie that came out in 2018. Cell Max didn’t even reach his perfect form, which is why he was unable to speak in the movie. Toriyama said it clear:

If Cell Max had been completed according to plan, he would have been a superhuman who even Broly couldn’t defeat, but since he was forcibly activated, he became an uncontrollable monster.

Toriyama made the statements translated and shared by Twitter user @Herms98:

So Broly is still stronger, which means that Cell Max doesn’t follow the traditional Dragon Ball way that the next villain always has to be stronger than the previous one. That’s another good thing done by Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero!

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