Pit Viper Controversy Explained: Company Under Fire for Easter Comments

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The sunglasses brand “Pit Viper” has received plenty of criticism this year for an Easter-themed Instagram post and accompanying remarks. The post, as well as the comments, contained multiple obscene remarks involving Easter. In response to the Pit Viper Easter post, several people thought the firm was being unprofessional by making such vulgar comments. Another group of people thinks the maker’s Instagram has been hacked.

Those who posted or commented “Pit Viper Easter” were ridiculed online. Therefore, it’s widely believed that someone hacked pit Viper’s Instagram account and uploaded the offensive Easter photo and statement.

What Did Pit Viper Say About Easter On Instagram?

The Instagram account of Pit Viper Sunglasses reportedly once posted a photo of sunglasses on Easter Sunday with a statement that attracted the interest of a number of people. As such, it was initially a long, x-rated, and popular paragraph that handled Jesus and Easter pretty carelessly. The Instagram photo was deleted soon after being posted.

No photo description available.

What is Pit Viper?

With 667K followers, Pit Viper is one of the most popular sunglass brands on Instagram. The sunglass shop has been receiving complaints and backlash from social media users for “Pit Viper Easter Posts” and “Pit Viper Easter remarks” over the last several days.

Multiple donors have complained about the company and asked that their peers not invest with them. For a short time, the hashtag #breakthepits was one of the most-used terms on Twitter. However, some people continue to demand an answer from Pit Viper. Nonetheless, given the strange nature of the comments, it remains very likely that the account was hacked.


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