Diana Jenkins: What Is The Net Worth Of The RHOBH Star?

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Diana Jenkins is a relative newcomer to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but she has already created a name for herself by not being afraid to say what’s on her mind and occasionally going a little over the top.
Several additional juicy details have surfaced this season, such as Diana’s arduous background and subsequent wealth. It has been said that she is currently the wealthiest member of the RHOBH cast. The question is, how much money does she have and how did she earn it? The information you need to know is as follows:

She fled Bosnia and became a refugee. As per her foundation’s website, Diana was born in Bosnia and later became a refugee after fleeing the nation in the mid-1990s owing to the ongoing civil war. According to her website, she was a refugee in Croatia for over a year after being compelled to leave her house in Sarajevo during the siege of that city in 1992. After evading capture in Croatia, she made it to London, where she contacted immigration officials. Jenkins was given permission to settle in the UK permanently and pursue his education or career goals there. She has now become a strong supporter of refugee rights and initiated other advocacy initiatives.

Working as a Covent Garden clerk was one of her first jobs. Diana attended the University of London’s City College, where she majored in computer science and economics. Diana was a former competitive swimmer who acquired the rights to the swimwear company Melissa Obadash, a favorite among Hollywood A-listers. Diana is the CEO of Neuro, her own beverage firm.

Over time, Diana got to know Roger Jenkins, the former head of Private Equity at Barclays, and they were married. The couple broke up in 2009, but they’re still on friendly terms with each other. She received a substantial monetary award in the divorce, possibly in the hundreds of millions. Sales for the year came in at $79,000,000 for the business. In 2020, Diana put her Malibu property on the market for $125 million; she paid $21 million for it in the early 2000s. In the year 2021, she sold the home for $87 million.

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