Apex Legends Season 11 Update: Tips on How to Download It Faster

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There’s still a little bit of waiting for happening until we’re getting Apex Legends Season 11, with Ash and CAR SMG. And let’s not forget about the new map called Storm Point.

We have written this article to give you tips on how to download the Apex Legends Season 11 update faster.

How to download the update faster:

Enable Automatic Updates

Make sure that automatic updates are enabled in both Origin and Steam.

For Origin:

Go to the Application Settings and select the Application tab. Then adjust the client settings in order to enable Automatic Updates.

For Steam:

Right-click the game and select Manage, then go to Properties. Click the Updates table and choose High Priority” from the choices there.

Go closer to the WiFi Router

We know this one sounds obvious, but not many do it. So try sitting next to the WiFi Router until it’s done. But if you want to really get things going fast, you can use a wired connection.

Have your console into Rest Mode

When you open up your console, it will use bandwidth to check for new messages, friend requests, and any other online notifications. These things will change the way the download process happens – it will slow it down. If you put the console into Rest Mode and you turn on the automatic downloads, then things will go faster. Just make sure you select “Stay Connected to the Internet.”

Close all of the apps and games

Did you know that there are plenty of apps or games that can slow down your console, PC, or mobile? The same can happen when you download your update. Some of the apps will take priority over your update, which will make it go even slower. You need to close them before starting your download.


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