Snapchat Beta APK Brings Improvements

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Using Snapchat is one of those ways that you can meet new people online. Since the world has 8 billion souls, why would you limitate yourself only to the folks from your neighborhood? Who knows who you can find through Snapchat: people with similar hobbies as you, others who can teach you new stuff, and so on.

Snapchat has now been updated to the Beta version, and you already have the chance to download and install the new update. The download file is available as an APK bundle, and it’s compatible only with devices running on Android 5 and beyond.

What’s new

The new Snapchat Beta brings bug fixes and improvements, and it has a download size of 97.44MB. We sure would have wished to find out more details about the update, but that’s all the information we have so far.

There are many ways to express yourself while you use Snapchat. You can use Bitmoji, Lenses, Filters, and more. The Snapchat community even tries to expand its creativity and put it to work. For instance, it is creating new Lenses every day.

Snapchat is certainly not the kind of app where you don’t get to hear a pin drop. There’s a lot of exciting virtual stuff going on there and plenty of people to make it happen: 332 million folks who are active on a daily basis.

Snapchat surely won’t get called off anytime soon, which means that we can certainly keep an eye on the latest updates if we have the app installed.


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