Minecraft Live 2022: Behold the Announcement Trailer

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Source: minecraft.net

Minecraft Live is coming back, meaning that all those who are fans of the game have a new reason to be happy and try something new. The upcoming virtual event that can be accessed from various places around the world is set to start on October 15. That means that the fans have just a bit more than a month to wait!

Minecraft Live is expected to bring lots of news about the legendary game, content creators, and more! For those who aren’t fans of Minecraft, the upcoming event might not mean too much. But for Minecraft fans, we’re talking about the biggest event of the year!

Here’s an important statement from the game’s official website:

Last year, the community voted for the allay to join Minecraft. This year, you will get to vote for a new mob but we’re doing things a little bit differently. Instead of voting on Twitter, you will now be able to vote by in a special Bedrock server, the Minecraft launcher, or here on Minecraft.net! The polls open on October 14, noon EDT which means that you will have a full 24 hours to cast your vote, (and change it as many times as you like!) while also keeping the results a total surprise until the announcement is made during the show.

Mojang Studios is responsible for primarily developing the Minecraft media franchise. Minecraft consists of five video games, many books, events, merchandise, as well as an upcoming movie.

Minecraft remains the best-selling game in history, and that’s pretty impressive, not only considering the quality of the title itself. Minecraft was released relatively recently, in 2011. GTA 5 is positioned in second place, while Tetris comes third.

You can even play Minecraft on a multitude of platforms, such as PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, iOS, PlayStation 3, and a lot more.

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