Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Will Include the ‘Bardock: Alone Against Fate’ DLC

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If you’re also eager to find new Dragon Ball content involving Bardock, it means that you may be a true fan of the franchise. The father of Goku has been pretty present lately in Dragon Ball. The manga version of Dragon Ball Super brought more details about his past, including his fight against Gas, the latest main villain of the series. The 2018 movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly has also shown Bardock’s struggle while his planet was under the threat of extinction. We’ve also seen Goku’s father in the Super Dragon Ball Heroes anime, and not through some flashbacks or reminders of the old times.

Although you may not be a fan of what dirty work the Saiyans were doing for Frieza long ago, you still cannot deny the importance that Bardock had for the legendary franchise. And it’s great to see that he hasn’t been forgotten by the writers one bit. Video game developers are no exception, as Goku’s father is now awaited in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot.

‘Bardock: Alone Against Fate’ arrives in 2023

Goku was born on planet Vegeta, along with all the other Saiyans. When our hero was just a child, he had to be sent away from his planet after being put in a spaceship by father Bardock and mother Gine in order to escape the wrath of the evil intergalactic tyrant Frieza.

The overlord feared that a new Super Saiyan would emerge someday, and thus he wanted to eliminate any chance by exterminating the entire Saiyan race. But just like his son, Bardock had amazing courage, and so he tried to stop Frieza’s plan by taking him head-on.

There’s no wonder why the trailer has the following description, as Nintendo Life quotes:

Bardock: Alone Against Fate is the new DLC that will allow players to impersonate the brave Saiyan that valiantly fought alone to protect the Saiyans’ home planet from the cruelty of Lord Frieza.

At that time, decades ago, before Goku and Vegeta achieved Super Saiyan and godly powers, Frieza couldn’t possibly be defeated by anyone.

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