LiveScore: Live Sports Scores 6.3 APK Brings New Features

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Those willing to keep track of the latest matches from the main leagues that they’re interested in can always count on the LiveScore app. You can use the service either in the browser with pretty much any device that you can connect to the internet or through the mobile app for Android or iOS.

The LiveScore app for Android is the star of the show today, as it has been updated to version 6.3. You can already download the update as a simple APK file as long as your device is running on at least Android 5.

What’s new in LiveScore 6.3

There’s a brand new Prediction tab, and you’ve already guessed what it is all about. You can use it to find expert opinions and a preview of a certain match that you are interested in. This feature can be very helpful if you’re into sports betting.

In case you wish for a closer analysis of a match, it’s worth knowing that the update also brings Match Reports, Stats, and Summary.

This is how a part of the app’s description from the Google Play Store sounds:

Get fast updates to keep track of the scores, goals and red cards for multiple matches and sports at the same time, including all the details for MLS and Premier League. Manage which match events you want to hear about in your settings.

Those who had been using the LiveScore app know pretty well what the software is all about. You can use it to see the score of a match in real time and also the results of past matches from previous hours or even days. You can see the lineup of a match, the substitute players, as well as the statistics of a match – shots on target, shots off target, possession, offsides, fouls, who scored the goals, and more.

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