The YouTube App for Smartphones Receives Advanced Listening Controls

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What can possibly be better than to put your headphones on and start listening to your favorite music during breaks from work? The smartphone has become the preferred gadget by many at least when it comes to listening to music, and the developers of the YouTube app seem to know it very well.

According to, the YouTube app for both Android devices and iPhones has received an interesting update:  listening controls for videos. For the moment, the feature is available only for Premium users. But hey, the idea for the feature to arrive as well for those who opt for the free version of YouTube shouldn’t be ruled out as well! As for when that latter scenario might happen, only time will tell.

What’s new

The new listening controls that became available in the YouTube app include buttons for 10-second rewind/forward, speed playback options, and even the chance to drop a “like”. Of course, the classical buttons for play/pause/previous and next are also there.

How to activate the new buttons

The new functionalities are easy to locate and use within the YouTube app, as they’ll be prompted to you automatically on a video as long as the content is labeled as music. But in some situations, you might just need to look a bit into the settings menu for yourself to bring up the new listening controls.

The YouTube app is presented in a pretty reasonable way on Google Play:

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We can’t wait to listen to some good music on the YouTube app using the new controls!

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