Check Out This Sweet Cadillac Concept That Will Debut In 2024

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The Celestiq will be a Cadillac like no other before it, and it’s set to be on sale in 2023 as a 2024 model. Design director Erin Crossley claims that each and every item will be readily recognizable as a one-of-a-kind creation with “limitless potential.” Thus, insiders estimate that Cadillac will set the flagship full-electric vehicle’s pricing around $300,000.

Production is low, with annual deliveries of less than 500 units. However, the Celestiq isn’t designed to boost sales for the car company. It’s GM’s technical crown jewel, and it’s sure to excite interest at a time when the company has been having trouble luring younger buyers away from BMW and Mercedes.

By 2030, Cadillac plans to market all electric automobiles, and the Celestiq is a glimpse into that future. The prototype of the full-size luxobarge was recently seen undergoing testing in the United States, and it had a small trim piece above the charging door, right below the driver’s side front wheel. The lack of a charging door in the idea is probably due to the fact that included one would have complicated the overall look.

2024 Cadillac Celestiq prototype
Credit: Autoevolution

It’s also easy to see that it uses the same 23-inch Michelin Pilot Sport EV tires that adorned the prototype. Front lights are clearly apparent on the camouflaged prototype, while placeholder lights decorate the back. There are at least three engineers in the vehicle. The design that Cadillac unveiled with great fanfare at the end of last month had a back entertainment system.

The full-glass top of the flagship electric car will debut in production for the 2024 model year and include four-quadrant smart glass, as shown in photos taken as the vehicle left and entered a GM testing facility. Each resident, thus, will have control over the degree of see-throughness afforded by their own quarters.

The BEV3 architecture on which the Celestiq is based ensures not only all-wheel drive but also all-wheel steering. The Celestiq, a five-door liftback rather than a four-door sedan, will be manufactured after a $81 million investment in a low-volume manufacturing line at the Technical Center in Warren, Michigan.

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