Opera browser beta with VPN 71.0.3717.66937 APK Brings New Features

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When you feel like Google Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, or Edge is not enough for your Android phone, you should keep in mind that Opera is also an option. We’re not saying that Opera is necessarily a weak browser compared to the others, but many people seem to forget about it, for one reason or another.

What else can you need to use along with a powerful browser on your smartphone these days? A powerful VPN, of course! There is such software built into the Opera browser itself, which means that the user will get rid of many headaches fast.

What’s new in Opera browser beta with VPN 71.0.3717.66937

Opera browser beta with VPN 71.0.3717.66937 is available now in the form of both simple APK files and APK bundles. You can download one from APKMirror at no cost and no effort. The update brings a few new features that you should surely keep in mind if you’re among the numerous Opera users out there:

  • A new Translation feature
  • Chromium 104
  • Support for the start page wallpaper

If you’re wondering what the benefits of using the beta version are, here’s a statement coming from APKMirror:

Participating in the beta is free and open to anyone. It allows you early access to our fastest browser, designed for the most popular Android smartphones. As with any beta, there may be some bugs and frequent updates, but we encourage you to report any issues you encounter while trying this version of Opera for Android.

For most download variants of the new Opera browser beta with VPN 71.0.3717.66937, it will be enough if your phone runs on at least Android 6 or Android 7. However, a few of those options, a simple APK file and an APK bundle, will work only with Android 12.

What do you think? Will you install the Opera browser beta with VPN 71.0.3717.66937 APK?

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