Google Meet Receives ‘Reactions’ for Video Calls

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Ladies and gentlemen, hold onto your laptops and brace yourselves for some virtual meeting magic! Google Meet is now introducing a game-changing feature that’s sure to bring some excitement and expressiveness to your boring Zoom-like meetings. Introducing… drumroll please… Reactions!

That’s right, Google Meet is now giving you the power to express yourself in ways you never thought possible during a virtual meeting. With Reactions, you can now give a virtual high-five to a colleague for their presentation, send a virtual hug to a friend who’s feeling down, or even give a virtual side-eye to that one person who always talks too much. The possibilities are endless!

The information comes straight from Google Workspace, which means that there’s no use for any skepticism!

Long live emojis!

The reactions you can now share in Google Meet are based on emojis. Emojis represent the secret weapon to livening up any dull video call. Picture this: you’re in a virtual meeting and suddenly, it’s as if a switch has been flipped. The mood in the room changes from boring to lively, all because of the power of emojis.

With emojis, you can now express yourself in ways words just can’t. Imagine trying to explain to your boss that you’re feeling overwhelmed with the workload, without the use of emojis. It would be like trying to describe the taste of pizza without using the words cheese, tomato, or pepperoni. Impossible! But, with the help of the trusty “face with steam from nose” emoji, you can convey that message in an instant.

With Reactions, virtual meetings will never be the same. No longer will you have to sit there staring at your screen with a blank expression; now, you can show your colleagues how you really feel. So, the next time you’re in a virtual meeting, don’t be afraid to let your emotions shine through with Google Meet’s Reactions.

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