iPhone 14 Reported Release Date Is Very Surprising

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The newest iPhones from Apple are on the way, and we now know that they will be released earlier than ever before and have a higher starting price.

There were two stages involved in the unveiling of the latter portion of this photograph. First, by Bloomberg, which was the source of the leak regarding Apple’s launch event on September 7, and second, thanks to BGR, whose investigation nearly confirmed the day that the iPhone 14 lineup will be made available for purchase.

Apple launches the new iPhones either on a Tuesday or a Wednesday. In this case, it appears to be a Wednesday, September 7th

This date would represent the joint earliest iPhone release since Apple switched launches to Autumn, over a decade ago. It would also tie with the iPhone 7 as the earliest timeframe for an iPhone release. Given the continuing global chip shortage, which has impacted the operations of tech businesses all over the world and pushed back the release dates of the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 13, this comes as a great surprise.

Mark Gurman from Bloomberg has been leaking additional information about the introduction of the iPhone 14 in his most recent PowerOn newsletter. In it, Gurman reiterates the findings of his previous paper and provides support for the findings found in BGR’s research.

According to Gurman, today is not a usual day for Apple to unveil new products, as the corporation has always given priority to holding events on Tuesdays.

As I reported last week, the company is planning to announce the iPhone 14 at an event on Sept. 7,” he reveals. “It would be the earliest iPhone launch since 2016 and be followed by the new device going on sale Sept. 16—about a week ahead of last year’s schedule.

Gurman claims that the shift in schedule will allow for more breathing room between a launch event for new iPads and Macs that is scheduled for October. Additionally, it will enable the corporation an additional week to sell iPhone 14 units during the fourth quarter of the fiscal year.

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