Android TV and Google TV Will Require App Bundles In The Near Future

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APK, which stands for Android Package Kit, has long been the de facto standard for mobile and TV applications. It is gradually being supplanted by Android App Bundle (AAB), which enables the creation of programs that are both quicker and smaller, thereby conserving storage space and improving overall performance.

Josh Wentz, a member of the Product Management team at Google TV, disclosed that the two platforms, Google TV and Android TV, will require App Bundles beginning in May 2023. Although Wentz estimates that the process will take around three days, the business is providing developers a warning period of six months to repackage their programs in a more lightweight manner.

The most important advantage of using Program Bundles is a storage footprint that is approximately 20 percent less. This is because the app only uses the resources that are essential, while the rest of the resources are archived. TV apps will now feature a button that allows users to archive and unarchive content, which will free up additional app storage space. Wentz stated that customers are forced to uninstall apps due to a shortage of storage space, which is one of the reasons why their team is advocating for a switch. Android TV OS now has access to over 10,000 apps.

The biggest distinction between Android TV and Google TV is that Android TV is the core TV product that can be found in Xiaomi TV sticks, as well as certain Sony and Sharp TVs. Google TV is an additional product that can be found in some Sony and Sharp TVs. The latter, on the other hand, is a software layer that sits atop the former and is filled with Google AI recommendations. These recommendations are based on an individual’s viewing habits, and the feature is currently making its way onto new and contemporary TVs.

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