Dragon Ball Super: Toyotaro Sheds Light on Goku’s New Ultra Instinct Version

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Goku shocked everyone back in the Tournament of Power arc of Dragon Ball Super when he achieved the Ultra Instinct technique against Jiren. At that point, Goku became insanely stronger than ever. But as it usually happens in Dragon Ball, it was only a matter of time until new versions of the transformation began to be revealed.

The manga version of Dragon Ball Super continued the story long after the miraculous conclusion of the Tournament of Power arc. In the good old Dragon Ball way, Goku and the gang had to become stronger, which meant new transformations or at least new versions of the transformations already existing.

The newest Ultra Instinct version keeps Goku’s hair black instead of the silver color that we were used to. This was a bit of a conundrum, but manga artist Toyotaro came to clarify things. In a new interview for the official Dragon Ball website, Toyotaro explained as ComicBook.com quotes:

The reason why Goku ultimately chose to go with the black-haired form this time is because the silver-haired one cannot be maintained unless the mind remains calm,

With the black-haired one, he could show his true self and still use Ultra Instinct. So, he went for that transformation.

Goku is still dealing with Gas, the member of the Heeters who have asked to become the strongest being in the Universe after he gathered the dragon balls. Although Gas seems invincible, everybody has faith in Goku that the beloved Saiyan will find a way to win.

Less than a week ago, we shared a short list of three ways that Gas can be defeated. Nobody has proven to be invincible in Dragon Ball history, which means that the leader of the Heeters can’t be an exception. Perhaps Goku could learn a thing or two from that previous article.

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