Battlefield 2042: The New 1.2 Update Brings Improvements

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Fans provide their feedback all the time regarding their favorite games and what they wish to get fixed. But while usually, nobody seems to listen to them, we can’t say the same for the developers of Battlefield 2042.

New improvements based on players’ feedback are on their way to Battlefield 2042. Developer DICE now reveals what’s the drill with update 1.2 of the game, the one that arrives today, August 2.

Thanks to, we now have a pretty good idea about what the 1.2 update includes. The Kaleidoscope map of Battlefield 2042 will get some adjustments in various areas. There are new flag positions, as well as new assets.

EA said it very clear via its official website:

Earlier this year we had an open discussion with you on map design via our Core Feedback – Maps initiative. Through your feedback, we identified several focus areas for our launch maps where our quality standards could be improved through Cover, Intensity, Line of Sight, Pathing and Traversal changes. As a result, we have been reworking our launch maps to ensure their gameplay is updated to these revised standards of quality.

There’s plenty of new stuff in the 1.2 update for Battlefield 2042. Another important change is represented by the reduction of the power for the YG-99 Hannibal 30mm Cannon and the RAH-68 Huron. The way this is achieved is relatively simple: by generating overheat at a faster rate.

You can learn even more about the latest update for Battlefield 2042 from Stodeh’s video:


Those willing to give Battlefield 2042 a try if they haven’t done it already have that chance through various platforms. They can play the game using a PlayStation console, including, of course, the latest PlayStation 5. PlayStation 4 is the other supported console built by Sony. You can also run the game on Xbox Series X and Series S, Xbox One, and Windows PC.

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