There’s a New App Out There Capable of Restoring Old Photos

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Surely you’re one of those numerous folks who have a very old photo of his grandparents in a drawer. Since that picture is decades old, it becomes difficult to distinguish all of its characteristics. But once again, the miraculous powers of AI can help!

According to PetaPixel, there’s a new artificial intelligence (AI) model known as the “Generative Facial Prior” (GFP-GAN). This AI toy is able to repair old photos in just a few seconds. It doesn’t even matter if your photo is severely deteriorated, as the AI tool will still do its job most of the time. But there’s still a catch, as Loui Bouchard reveals and as PetaPixel quotes:

They do not represent the actual image. It’s important to understand that these results are just guesses from the model — guesses that seem pretty damn close.

To human eyes, it seems like the same image representing the person. We couldn’t guess that a model created more pixels without knowing anything else about the person.

Now it’s time to see some samples of what the AI tool is able to do:

You may have already guessed that the possibility exists for the restored photo to generate a little change of identity. In other words, the restored pictures might show a different person than the one from the original photo in some cases. This can happen more in the case of photos that have a higher degree of damage than others. Therefore, the AI will need to make a bigger effort to guess what the image should look like.

GFP-GAN is even free to use, which means that you practically have all the reasons to give it a try!

What do you think? Will you be willing to try restoring your old photos? We’re eager to see your comments on the subject below!

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