What GTA 6 Needs To Do Differently From Its Predecessors

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To this day, few titles can match the revolutionary move forward shown by Grand Theft Auto 3. In 2001, Grand Theft Auto 3 showed fans what the destiny of 3D gaming may look like by transforming from just a top-down 2D videogame into a completely 3D open-world metropolis.

Since exposing players to Liberty City in the third version, Grand Theft Auto has strived to replicate the “wow element” that has made the series so successful and enduring. Grand Theft Auto 6 must maintain the high-quality standards set by previous games in the franchise, including Grand Theft Auto 5: Expanded & Enhanced.

As such, Grand Theft Auto 6 is now being constructed from the bottom up to make use of the equipment’s full potential. This is a fascinating idea, and it’s far distinct from just updating a game from ten years ago. Grand Theft Auto 6 is in a great position to capitalize on the PS5 / Xbox Series X/enormous S’s capabilities if it takes advantage of these consoles’ cutting-edge graphics prowess, faster load times, and access to the cloud.

Although there is no official release date or cast announced at this time, the year 2024 has been bandied about as a possible release timeframe. As of late, Rockstar Games has shown hints of ramping up production. It’s reasonable to assume that, by the moment this game is released, both the PlayStation 5 as well as the Xbox Series X/S will be already into their fourth year of manufacturing.

With Grand Theft Auto 5’s record-breaking sales, the bar has been set very high for the game’s follow-up. Grand Theft Auto 6 likely won’t last across three generations of consoles. There’s no excuse why it can’t have a life span far lengthier than the usual game, provided it makes good use of the technology at its disposal and perhaps even revives certain vintage Grand Theft Auto elements that would really make a comeback.

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