The Elder Scrolls Online Update 7.2.6: All You Need to Know

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The Elder Scrolls Online update 7.2.6 is available for PC, and console users will also enjoy it by the end of the week. We have all the details you need to know regarding the patch notes.

The Elder Scrolls Online 7.2.6 patch notes

  • The oblivion portal achievements will track your completion progress as expected
  • Arox the Mutilator now uses gendered words correctly across multiple languages
  • The characters will no longer get stuck in combat while in the Deadlands
  • Companions are no longer visible in Fargrave
  • You can now stun the final boss in the Against All Hope quest
  • If you want to use your gap-closing abilities, you won’t fall to your death anymore
  • Your quest progress does not get blocked anymore when there’s a missing quest object in The Celestian Palanquin
  • Quest pins now behave all right in The Durance Vile
  • If your character receives extra points, and they are already spent, both the attribute and skill points will be reset.
  • Unsummoned pets don’t appear randomly anymore
  • The Witch-Tamed Bear-Dog is not invisible anymore after summoning.
  • If a boss drops specially named set items, they drop them as a bonus, together with their curated set items.
  • The Searing Gem antiquity lead – which is part of the Markyn Ring of Majesty mythic – and the Crimson Diamond lead – which is part of the Belharza’s Band mythic – can now be obtainable.
  • If you run the game on Windows 7, you won’t get the error about the missing SensaApi.dll on startup. anymore.

The Elder Scrolls Online can be played on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PS4, PS5, and PC. You can get it for free for all Xbox Game Pass subscribers.



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