Apex Legends: Everything We Know About Brand New Legend Vantage

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The unannounced character Vantage in Apex Legends has had new data revealed about them, providing fans a sense of the powers the character will bring to the game when it is finally published. Players of Apex Legends get a brand-new Legend to learn and become proficient in at the beginning of each new season. The thirteenth season introduced Newcastle, about whom viewers have learned a lot of helpful hints and strategies.

Apex Legends Season 14, which will go by the name “Hunted,” will include a new Legend, and we now have confirmation of that person’s identity. When the new season begins, Vantage will join the lineup as a sniper specialist. He will come at that time. EA made the announcement that Vantage would be the Season 14 Legend in the Stories from the Outlands episode titled “Survive,” which was published on July 25. Keep in mind that these are only rumors, and that there is presently no official information available about Vantage’s capabilities. Even though the character will debut on August 9 with Season 14’s release, it is important to bear in mind that the skills may seem entirely different.

Pagos, a “desolate ice planet,” is where Vantage comes from, and it was there that the character learned how to become the “ultimate survivor.” Vantage has a terrifying brush with death when her spacecraft crashes, but her mother is able to pull her through it and bring her back in time for her to compete in the Apex Games. Dataminers have discovered that Vantage is referred to as a “Survivalist Sniper,” suggesting that he may have connections to the Recon Legend Bloodhound. New characters in Apex Legends often have a link of some kind with an established Legend, such as Newcastle and Bangalore.

The appearance of Vantage’s costume is quite similar to that of Bloodhound, and the skills resemble those of a Recon character, who also has other similarities to Bloodhound; hence, it is possible that the two characters are connected. Vantage is reported to be a Recon Legend whose skills are centered on Snipers and monitoring the position of the opponent, according to leaks that have surfaced. Vantage is a hunter or Recon-type character that specializes in long-range weapons and has a concentration on sniping. As a result of the fact that her loadout is well-suited to the Marksman Rifle and Sniper Rifle playstyles in Apex Legends, she is the ideal character to play if you are a fan of those two weapon types.


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