Ukrainian Soldier’s iPhone Saves Him From Death on the Battlefield – Watch VIDEO

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Unfortunately, the war between Ukraine and Russia rages on. Except for numerous life losses and a lot of sorrow, there are also some memorable and heroic events in this war.

Did you ever think that an iPhone can save your life one day? Neither did a Ukrainian soldier who carried the device in the right place. A bullet fired by the enemy hit the iPhone itself, damaging it and thus not killing the soldier instead. It was an iPhone 11 Pro model released in 2019, to be more precise.

The video with the Ukrainian soldier showing the damaged iPhone already went viral, and you can see it on Reddit below:

iPhone saved the life of a Ukrainian soldier. Maybe it’s after such videos that Russians, instead of plate carriers, put Macbooks in their bulletproof vests? from ukraine

It was just a matter of time until users started to joke about the unusual situation.

That iPhone will surely go down in history! Maybe it will even be exposed at a museum after the war ends, who knows!

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