GTA 6 Leak: We Now Know The Number Of Protagonists

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A gaming source has refuted a prominent GTA 6 leak involving the characters and plot in Rockstar Games’ next release, saying that many aspects are still “in flux.” The leak in question is related to Rockstar Games’ next project.

Rockstar Games has, up until this moment, maintained a rather low profile in regard to Grand Theft Auto 6, which is quite surprising. The legendary video game creators have revealed that work is currently being done on the game and that they are aware that they must meet or surpass certain expectations.

Fans who are anxiously anticipating the next iteration of the sandbox series have been pulled into a variety of claimed leaks and speculations surrounding the highly anticipated title as a consequence of the radio silence regarding the highly anticipated game.

The next game won’t have 3 protagonists

Everything from the number of people to their backstories, radio stations, and mini-games has appeared in these alleged leaks. However, if you were hoping for a return to the three-character system that was featured in GTA 5, you’re going to be very disappointed.

That’s correct, if you’ve read the rumors about Grand Theft Auto 6 having three characters and a character pick wheel similar to Grand Theft Auto 5 and been enthusiastic about it, you’re going to be let down by the fact that it doesn’t have these features. A gaming industry expert by the name of Jason Schreier denied the allegation on Reddit after gamers claimed that the leak had credibility when a datamine revealed information regarding a forthcoming DLC for GTA Online.

This is another another illustration of the need of exercising caution with regard to the Grand Theft Auto 6 rumors that you trust. Obviously, the news will be disappointing to some fans who had hoped to be able to swap between characters throughout missions once again.

The release of the game is still many years away at this time, and if Rockstar hasn’t finalized certain elements, then any leaks that are revealed might quickly become obsolete once they have been made public. Therefore, it is important to remember to always take things with a grain of salt.

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