Android 13 Will Provide Huge Help in Managing the Battery Usage

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A stable release of Android 13 should arrive in August 2022. But until that glorious moment, we can already get our hands on some important information about what the new mobile OS will bring.

Most of us are deeply in love with our smartphones, and for good reasons. It’s hard to imagine our lives without them these days. But we all have to admit that most of these devices would need more battery life. Carrying a charger around and having to look for a socket each time we leave the house isn’t exactly our idea of fun.

Luckily enough, Android 13 will bring a solution to that area.

Android 13 will warn about apps that are too demanding for battery usage in the background

The Android OS will be implementing a system notification that will inform the user about apps that require too much battery usage while running in the background. In this way, the user will have the opportunity to tweak the settings of those apps or even delete them if he considers that life will be fine in that case as well. But when you don’t have any idea what piece of software is sucking too much battery life from your phone, there’s no possible fix.

Google said it very clear:

Android 13 introduces a system notification that appears when your app consumes a large amount of device battery during a 24-hour period. This new notification appears for all apps on devices that run on Android 13, regardless of target SDK version.

Another important statement from the same source writes:

If the system detects high battery usage from your app while the app is displaying a notification that’s associated with a foreground services, the system waits until the user dismisses the notification, or the foreground service finishes, and shows the notification only if your app continues to consume a large amount of device battery.

Google just gave us another reason to be eager to see Android 13 coming out!

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