Clash of Clans Alternatives: Top 5 Games You Should Give A Try

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Clash of Clans is a mobile strategy game that has become an unstoppable force in the industry, and it is still going strong to this very day. The cartoony graphic design, along with the addictive nature of base construction and the enjoyment that can be had during fast raids, all contribute to the game’s ability to hold the attention of millions of players each day. Here is a list of the top 5 games that are similar to Clash of Clans that you can play right now.

Plunder Pirates

It was just a matter of time until someone came along and added pirates to the Clash of Clans model, given that you are going to be indulging in frequent raiding anyhow. On the surface, the gameplay of Plunder Pirates is identical to that of the game that served as its model; nevertheless, the developer included a few interesting twists that differentiate it from the original.

Plunder Pirates places a higher focus not only on the presence of moored ships, which contribute to your base building and defense choices, but also on a mechanism for the creation of islands that is more customizable. When you go about robbing other players’ riches from their pirate coves, which you’ll be doing plenty of, the entire pirate element only adds to the concept of the environment.

Clash Royale

Although it takes place in the same world as Clash of Clans, the emphasis of Clash Royal is on tactical fighting in the form of multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBAs), rather than constructing bases.

There are some of the most intense tactical confrontations in Clash Royale, with a thrilling ebb-and-flow as you strive to knock down the enemy’s castle by placing soldiers, casting spells, and bringing down their stronghold. You’ll feel right at home with all the familiar unit kinds and identifiable visuals in Clash Royale since it’s really a terrific companion piece to Clash of Clans, and you can play it alongside that game.

Boom Beach

Boom Beach, which was developed by the same people who gave you Clash of Clans, may be thought of as an improved version of the game Jungle Heat, which takes place in a contemporary combat environment. Mines, explosives, and a broad variety of unit abilities offer you greater control over your raiding expeditions. Although it may seem that Boom Beach does away with the need to create intricate defensive structures, the game really substitutes the static construction of walls with these elements.

To make it easier to follow the action as battles become intense and explosions go off, Supercell incorporates the visually distinct Clash of Clans aesthetic into Boom Beach. This includes an abundance of vibrant colors and exaggerated animations. Boom Beach is one of the more enjoyable alternatives to Clash of Clans and is a good option for players who are familiar with Supercell’s previous work but are searching for a game that has characters other than goofy skeletons and strange wizards.

Gods of Olympus

In Gods of Olympus, you won’t be in charge of armies of little troops as you would be in other strategy games; instead, you’ll be in charge of mighty ancient Greek gods. In Gods of Olympus, the gameplay for the base assault relies more on the ability of your gods. As a result, the game provides a large number of strong skills for you to micro in order to fully engage your gods and achieve victory.

Despite the fact that the unit diversity in Gods of Olympus isn’t nearly as great as it is in Clash of Clans’ absurdly enormous cast of unit kinds, the simpler armies in Gods of Olympus mean that there may be more heroes on the screen, resulting in some very epic fights.

Castle Clash

In comparison to Clash of Clans, Castle Clash offers players a far wider selection of gameplay styles to choose from. In addition to the typical base-destroying army raids and battles, Castle Clash also features multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA)-style modes. In these modes, you take control of a powerful cast of heroes and engage in lane-based auto-battleground engagements while simultaneously attempting to position your troops in the most optimal manner.

If you take the time to properly manage your resources and set up your base, you’ll have a solid foundation upon which to build your understanding of the nuances of each of the many types of warfare. It’s true that Castle Clash does certain things differently than Clash of Clans, but it still manages to keep that game’s signature addicting gameplay at its heart.

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